About Us

South India Heritage Tours is an South India inbound tour operation company with operational expertise in South India managed by a dedicated team of well experienced people keen on providing the travellers and tourists to this part of the world, a new experience of exploring the diversity in culture, heritage, cuisine and life of people.

All the itineraries mentioned in this website are proven to be interesting programmes enjoyed by people all over the world depending on their interest. In the endeavour to provide the best of the options in each tour circuit, the staffs of South India Tours have spread the offices and staff across South India and representatives across India to check on anything new which comes up enabling to provide its clients the new and fresh idea of each place.

The programmes furnished in the websites are only a few circuits and the staffs here with their vast experience would be able to assist any programme tailor made to fit the interests of the tourists visiting India.

The company provides variety of services including all inclusive tour packages, providing only cars services to extend flexibility during the tour, assistance in booking hotel and guest house accommodations prior to the arrival or during the tour, booking of guides speaking different languages and various activities available at each destinations

We extend our warmest welcome to visit this part of India that was less influenced by invasions and thus providing an unmixed, uninfluenced, authentic tradition and culture.